California startup utilizes robots to make pizza


On the off chance that you requested it from Silicon Valley's Zume Pizza, the answer is yes. 

Grofers India looks for govt endorsement for FDI in sustenance exchanging

The startup, which started conveyance in April, is utilizing clever machines to snatch a cut of the multi-billion-dollar pizza conveyance market. 

Zume is one of a developing number of sustenance tech firms trying to disturb the eatery business with programming and robots that let them cut costs, speed creation and enhance specialist security. 

Inside its business kitchen in Mountain View, pizza batter goes down a transport line where machines include the sauce, spread the sauce and precisely slide them into a 800-degree broiler. 

Specialists say more computerization is coming to eatery kitchens, yet robots won't assume control over at any point in the near future since regardless they battle with sporadic assignments that require fine engine abilities, judgment and taste.

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