Businessman, his wife and son shot dead in UP’s Sitapur, caught on CCTV


A businessman, his better half and child were shot dead the previous night outside their home in an upscale part of Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur, around 90 km from state capital Lucknow. In CCTV film, 60-year-old Sunil Jaiswal is seen struggling as the aggressors try to grab a bag from him. Minutes after the fact, his significant other and 25-year-old child rush out of their home to try and save him, however in the rapidly unfolding horror, both are shot at close range.

All three died on the spot, the police say.

Mr Jaiswal reached his home in Civil Lines around 9.30 pm and was parking his bike when he was attacked by four men in two bikes. After a battle, he was shot. His wife tried to fight the men off however she was shot as well. The child was shot as he tried to run back into the house.

A neighbor who tried to step in and help Mr Jaiswal was likewise shot at by the aggressors but he survived the attack and called the police.

There have been no arrests up until now. The police suspect it to be a case of robbery. “The general population appeared to be resisting a robbery attempt,” Additional Director General of Police, Abhay Kumar Prasad said. A similar robbery attempt was made on another trader a couple days prior, he included.

A day-long shutdown was reported by the city’s traders’ association.

Seven days back, a 36-year-old businessman was shot dead on the road in Allahabad.

A month ago as well, a man was shot dead and four ladies of his family were allegedly pack gang-raped at gunpoint on the highway near Jewar in Uttar Pradesh, around 68 km from Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has admitted to a spike in high profile incidents over the state and called them “unfortunate”. But he also said his government has inherited a condition of ‘jungle raj’ from its predecessor Samajwadi Party and that it would require some time for changes in law. The Chief Minister has kept up that law and order remains a huge challenge, and a priority, for his government.

Video Source: NDTV