BSF guns down Pakistani intruder in Gurdaspur


The Border Security Force (BSF) shot dead a Pakistani intruder while he was attempting to sneak into the Indian region in Punjab’s Gurdaspur.

Authorities said the episode was accounted for at 6:20 am when BSF work force on-duty saw some movement in front of the fence at the at the international border close to the Paharipur fringe post in Gurdaspur area. In spite of rehashed calls he declined to pay notice constraining the BSF men to start shooting.

Security powers have propelled an inquiry operation in the region . It is not promptly known whether the gatecrasher was separated from everyone else or with a group.

A year ago, Pakistani psychological militants had assaulted a police headquarters in Gurdaspur’s Dinanagar territory.

Three heavily-armed terrorists wearing armed force fatigues had raged a police headquarters in Dinanagar town in Gurdaspur region killing seven people, including a Superintendent of Police, before they were gunned down amid a day-long operation on July 27.