Broccoli reduces risk of developing prostate cancer


The green cauliflower means the consumption of broccoli is less likely to cause prostate cancer. Prostate cancer among men globally is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer.

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Research revealed that Sulfurphane is effective in preventing or decreasing the growth of harmful cells. It shows its effect on long, non-coding RNA.

Sulfurphane is a compound found in broccoli which is helpful in preventing prostate cancer. According to researchers, the control of a type of LNCRNA in human cells in prostate cancer remains lower. But it can be reduced by Sulfurphane.

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Researchers at the Oregon State University of the US conveyed research revealed that normalization of LNCRNA levels can be done on treatment with Sulfurphane.” Researchers found that the effects of diet on LNCRNA have remained largely unknown.

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