Broccoli pesto pasta recipe


This pesto pasta recipe gets heft (and a side of veggies) from the addition of broccoli to the purée. They won’t know it’s there unless you tell them…wink wink.

How to make Chatpate Aloo


800g broccoli, cut into small florets

3/4 cup (120g) pine nuts, toasted

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 Tbsp finely grated lemon rind

1/4 cup (60ml) lemon juice

1/4 cup (60ml) extra virgin olive oil, plus extra, for drizzling

2 cups (160g) finely grated Parmesan, plus extra to serve

Salt and freshly milled black pepper

500 small pasta of your choice

A handful of basil leaves to garnish

4 eggs optional to make sunny side up eggs


Add the broccoli, 1/2 cup of the pine nuts, garlic, lemon rind and juice, oil, Parmesan, salt and pepper in a food processor and process until roughly chopped. Set aside.

Cook the pasta in a large pot in salted boiling water according to the packet instructions or until al dente. Drain and reserve 1/4 cup of the cooking liquid.

Return the cooking liquid to the pot over medium heat.

Add the broccoli pesto and stir for 1 to 2 minutes or until well combined. In the meantime, in a separate pan, make 4 sunny side up eggs if you like.

Divide the pasta between plates and top with the reserve (roughly crushed) pine nuts, extra Parmesan and basil leaves. Top with egg, drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil and serve immediately.

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