Britons ‘on-board deadly tourist ferry explosion’ in Bali


English sightseers have apparently been made up for lost time in a blast on a ship conveying visitors amongst Bali and Lombok which killed two individuals and harmed a few others. 

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Thirty-five individuals were ready the ship when the blast happened off the shore of Indonesian island Lombok, as per a Bali police representative. 

A Dutch national and Indonesian were murdered, while 13 others were accounted for harmed. 

"It appears there was some kind of blast on the watercraft, so there was a crisis with the motor", police representative Made Sudana said. 

Channel 7 journalist Matthew Snelson reported that the harmed included British nationals and other Europeans.ABC's Adam Harvey said that photos demonstrated one of the survivors was "seriously injured".A Foreign Office representative said: "We are giving consular help to British nationals influenced by a blast on a ship off the bank of Bali".

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