British Woman arrested by UK Police in Dubai for having ‘Extra-Marital sex’


A British girl who told police in Dubai few days back that she had been raped by two men’s has been detained for having sex and breaking the law.

The girl was raped by two British men last month when she was on a holiday.

A case was filed by the girl at the police station and later she was detained for breaking Emirati law. A crowd-funding campaign has raised more than half the pounds 25,000 needed to pay her legal fees and bring her home.

The reports revealed that the incident took place at Birmingham, but this has not been confirmed.

The victim’s mother said, “She was going out of her mind with worry”.

The Facebook post reported, “The woman was on holiday with another family member and had planned to go travelling before moving abroad.”

She says that she was become friends with by two British men who supposedly assaulted her. She has been safeguarded and is accepted to remain in a sheltered house.

Her family tried to locate a legitimate group to take her back to the UK before Christmas and have set up raising money occasions.

Confined in Dubai, a crusade aggregate situated in Britain, said that the lady's visa had been appropriated. It said that she could confront trial for offenses that convey sentences including detainment, expulsion, flagellating and stoning to death.

Radha Stirling, organizer of the gathering, said that the UAE had "a long history of punishing assault casualties".

"It is just excessively hazardous for ladies, so they are frightened to report violations to the powers," she said. "On the off chance that the Dubai powers can't get the claimed aggressor, they should simply demonstrate that [the victim] engaged in sexual relations, which they do through restorative examination, and they can blame her for having had intercourse outside of marriage."

In the previous year Detained in Dubai has been reached by no less than 25 individuals in the UAE inquiring as to whether they ought to report a rape. Ms Stirling said that once she clarified the hazard, casualties generally did not report the assault.

In the previous five years there have been no less than ten cases in which casualties of rape have been accused of engaging in sexual relations outside marriage.

Ms Stirling said that the police consistently neglected to separate between consensual intercourse and brutal assault: "Casualties go to them expecting equity, and wind up being indicted. They not just negate their exploitation, they really rebuff them for it."

A remote office representative said: "We are supporting a British lady in connection to this case and will stay in contact with her family."