This Britain based man drink his own urine to overcome diseases


People drink juice or eat fruits to boost energy in the body and to keep fit. But have you ever drunk your own piss? This Britain based man does.

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Indeed, this man in Britain drinks urine and does not consume water. His name is Dave Murphy. Dave consumes his own urine because he considers it as a therapy. He believes that his urine provides great benefits to him. He feels that his several diseases have ended with it.

Dave has been consuming his urine since 6 years. He had asthma problem earlier and when he started having his own urine, he becomes fit. He even suggests people that who have Asthma problem can get rid of it by drinking urine.

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His own urine even helped him to lose weight. By consuming urine, he has benefited greatly and his weight has decreased by almost 50 kilos. Dave not only drinks his urine, but he also baths from it. He started doing this from year 2011.