This Bridge In Magdeburg Attracts Tourists A Lot, Know Why?


Many a times we come across happening places or things which makes us nostalgic. Most of the people must have seen train passing on the bridge but have you ever seen a bridge on which the ships move? No, then today we are telling you about a bridge which is situated in the city of Magdeburg in Germany.

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On this bridge, ships of every runs which attracts tourists a lot. The work was started in year 1930 but due to World War II it was stopped. Finally, it was made in year 2003.

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This the longest bridge in the world on which the ships movie. In Magdeburg city, Havel and Michelin canals flow in opposite directions. Then,  bridge was built on these rivers and it was merged into Elbe River later. Now, this bridge has become a popular tourist attraction.