Bridesmaid left overwhelmed after being sprayed with fire extinguisher in ill-judged wedding trick


This is the stunning minute wedding pranksters escaped hand by splashing a bridesmaid with a fire quencher.

The odd episode was gotten on camera by an onlooker with a cell phone at the wedding in the city of Zhaoqing in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

It is a custom in China for visitors to play tricks on the wedding party however this one practically demolished the upbeat couple’s enormous day.

The prepare needed to mediate to stop the pranksters as one splashed a fire quencher in the bridesmaid’s face.

Poor people young lady was attempting to inhale from substance splash and was left with spilling eyes and her hair and dress were secured with white froth.

The lady of the hour was vexed to see her companion endure yet she had felt not able to successfully stop the pranksters.

The recording of the episode later demonstrated well known online after it was shared via web-based networking media.

Netizen “Weixin” remarked: “Weddings in China are truly extremely profane, would it be advisable for us to not regard something as imperative as marriage with more regard?”

Zhaoqing was once a standout amongst the most vital urban communities in southern China, however it fell into decrease amid the Qing tradition.