Why Bride-groom Kundali is matched?


It is indispensable to think of Mars, Naadi and Shadashtak while matching the birth certificate of bride-groom for marriage. Currently, Mars is mentioned in the astrological books with excellence. If there is a Mars planet in the 1,4,7,8 and 12th place of the horoscope, then it is considered as a native Mangali. If astrology was silent by saying this, then there would be no such problems. But surprisingly, that Mars is blamed by making an exception of around 450 rules of the above mentioned rules.

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Even if there is a Mangal fault in the horoscope then Godavari is said to be rid of the remaining horoscopes by saying that the earthquakes are not faultless in the south. Some of the bridegroom’s brides are walking smoothly. On the contrary, in the two horoscopes, despite the untimely defect of Mars, even after a few days of marriage, many women see widow and males getting widowed.

From this, it implies that while matching the birth certificate of the bride-groom, matches other than Mangal should be done properly. If there is a defect in the woman’s horoscope, then she should take Umashankar Pujaan method and Vaadi Vaibhavar Kumbha marriage method. Similarly, if there is a widow yoga in the person’s horoscope then get married. If both sides of the marriage get the sacrifice of the planet before the marriage, the prick of the mind becomes very less.

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Like the Mars, the nadir is also of no avail in building waste. Due to a pulse decrease in reproductive capacity or female infant is more – such astrology says. In such a case, by checking the reproductive capacity of both, it can be seen whether their blood group is compatible with each other or not. If a birth certificate does not match due to a pulse defect, then advise the modern medical practitioner.