Bridal footwear styles for the wedding day

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Wedding day is one of the most special and biggest days of every girls life. From wedding outfit to footwear, everything needs be perfect and on point. If you want to look best on your D-Day as you walk down the aisle, the opt for these footwear options.

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Feel like a princess on your big day! Walk each step a sparkling one with the shimmery footwear. Choose your favorite shades that goes with your dress.

Colour blocks-

Wear colored footwear to add pop to your white wedding gown. The different designs and embellishments available in these footwear will have you spoil for choice.

Draw a wedge-
If you are into heels but still want to wear them for your special day, then wedge heels are quite suitable for you. They come in different designs and colors which you can choose from to match your dress.

One of the most used and suitable fabric for weddings, lace, looks just as good in footwear. It can be in different colors or the classic white.

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Stone it-
Wedding footwear with stone touch comes in all the different colour and sizes. The styles can be different, but adding such stones adds to the whole look.

Red alert-
Red is the evergreen colour when it comes to Indian weddings. The classic red footwears comes up in all the different styles, materials, embellishments, heel lengths. The red color makes a bold statement.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures