Brazil Man Pulls careless ‘Superman’ Stunt On Highway, Detained


The cops have detained a 24-year-old man for doing dangerous stunt on a busy highway in Brazil. He was seen in imitate flying pose.

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The video of incident has gone viral on the social media. It has been shared by Brazil’s A Voz de Anapolis. It reveals the stunt man on a two- wheeler bike performing stunt on highway for about 15 seconds.

On Wednesday, he was captured by a man crossing close to Anapolis in Goias. As per the information, the video was recorded by a associates of Brazil’s Federal Highway Cops.

It added, the stunt man was detained for doing hasty stunt.  The case has been filed against him for doing unsafe driving.  The man was blamed of riding his bike with no appropriate helmet. He didn’t have number plate and driving license too.

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The stunt man was free from police custody following promising to appear at a court for punishment.