Brazil : 33 men raped a 16-Year-Old Girl


Brazil :  Rio de Janeiro police are investigating allegations that more than 30 men and boys raped a 16-year-old girl, officials said on Friday, as outrage spread in the host city for the Olympics and reverberated across the country.

The girl's nightmare began last Friday night when she went to stay at her boyfriend's house on the western fringe of the city. She woke up on Sunday morning and found herself surrounded by 33 men, many of them carrying pistols and rifles.
Badly shaken by the assault that went on for more than 36 hours, the victim tried to escape from a hospital several times on Thursday. "I just want to go home," the teenager has pleaded with hospital staff and her family.

The case, which has sent shock waves across the biggest South American country, came to the light on this Wednesday after more than 800 people contacted a hotline in the state public prosecutor's office to report about certain tweets in which a couple of men were bragging about assaulting a girl. Filled with obscene description of her body, the tweets had photos and videos of the girl, who is apparently drugged, naked and struggling to regain consciousness.

Police said the girl told them more than 30 men had assaulted her, but they could not yet confirm how many took part in the alleged rape, as they are still investigating. have identified four suspects so far in the assault that apparently took place on May 21 in a western Rio slum – but have yet to make any arrests, saying further investigation is required.

As the victim now undergoes treatment and counselling at the hospital, her poor family is completely devastated. "She is crying and still shaken. They messed up my daughter. They almost killed her. I am in pain. She is traumatized," the 16-year-old's father told local media, asking them not to reveal his identity. The girl's grandmother too spoke to a local radio station, saying the girl suffered a blackout during the assault. "The video is shocking. I watched it. She's completely off," the grandmother told the radio. The family only learned of the rape on Wednesday (May 25), when the girl's photos and videos appeared on social media. Now investigation being process.