Brave reporter continue live broadcast despite being pelted by hail stones


A freak hail storm battered the Turkish city of Istanbul late last week but that didn’t prevent one brave TV correspondent from going on with her live broadcast. A video of the young journalist reporting on what Al Jazeera described as golf ball-sized hail hitting the city was shared on Twitter by the TV channel she works for, A News. A few versions of about two-minute long video are floating around social media and have been viewed thousands of times.

“I can barely stand up…I feel the pain of the hail on my body,” the reporter says as the anchor in studio hands over to her for a live broadcast.

The reporter, wearing a dark blue raincoat with the hoodie up, winces visibly few times as she’s pummeled by hail stones. “Ice is hitting us on the head,” she shouts.

A one point, a co-worker gives her an umbrella but a strong gust of wind drives her to put it down moments later.

“Please get somewhere safe,” the concerned anchor in the studio tells the journalist, as she goes ahead with her broadcast.

Istanbul was inundated by a freak storm on July 27. Hail stones the size of golf balls, heavy rain and strong winds knocked down trees, harmed buildings and overflowed streets, reports Al Jazeera.

Startling film of the storm is being shared on Twitter. Take a look:

Thursday’s storm was the second time in 10 days that heavy rain had immersed the streets of Istanbul.