Brain may get younger by playing crosswords daily


A new study revealed that, playing word puzzle daily may enhance brain function and keep your brain ten years younger. The results pointed that the more frequently people involve with word puzzles, the more they performed on cognitive tasks levying concentration, reasoning and memory — lessening of which may lead to the expansion of dementia.

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Moreover such people also have brain function equal to ten years younger than their age on tests of grammatical analysis speed and memory accuracy. Keith Wesnes, Professor at the University of Exeter in Britain has also conveyed that, direct relationships between the frequencies of crosswords puzzles use and the speed and accuracy of performance on nine cognitive tasks assessing a range of aspects of function, counting attention, reasoning and memory.

“Execution was reliably better in the individuals who detailed participating in confuses and by and large enhanced incrementally with the recurrence of perplex utilize,” Wesnes included.

For the investigation, exhibited at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017 held in London, the group examined information from more than 17,000 sound individuals matured 50 and over, submitted in an online trial.

Alongside keeping the mind dynamic, working out, abstaining from smoking and eating a solid adjusted eating regimen may likewise help diminish the danger of creating dementia, the scientists proposed.

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