Brain Dead Man gives new life to a Heart Patient


Mumbai: About two months later, a 38-year-old Mumbai resident received a heart from Aurangabad on June 21 subsequent which she undergo a heart transplant in Mumbai’s Fortis hospital. The receiver was suffering from viral myocarditis, a provocative disease of heart muscles, and intractable arrhythmia and his only hope for survival was a heart transplant. The donor was a 32-year-old male patient who was affirmed brain-dead following a road traffic accident that resulted in a head injury at United Ciigma Hospital, Aurangabad. The donor’s heart gone United Ciigma Hospital near the beginning in the morning and landed at Mumbai Airport one and a half hours afterward.

The Green Corridor chalked from Mumbai’s Domestic Airport to Fortis Hospital in Mulund, helped the heart reach the process theatre in time so the surgeons could conduct the life saving heart transplant. Doctors conveyed that there is some augmented consciousness about cadaver organ donations in India. Dr Anvay Mulay, Chief of Cardiac Transplant Team, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, conveyed that, ‘We salute the families who are looking further than customary and religious attitude and are agreeable to donate organs of their brain-dead kin. Thanks to these spirited families, culture of organ donation is developing and the thought has become more acceptable. Talking about the surgery, he supposed, ‘We have concluded the surgery; the next 48-72 hours will be critical and the patient will be monitored. The heart transplant programmed had in progress in the confidentially run hospital around ten months ago and ever since, 20 heart transplants have been conducted. Other than the brain dead patient’s heart, the donor family gives a new lease of life to four other patients anguish from end-stage organ failure by donating his kidneys and liver.