Boyfriend of 317-kg woman help her gain more weight


A 27-year-old gargantuan lady is being aided by none other than her sweetheart to accomplish her objective to end up the world's greatest lady. Monica Riley, who weighs around 317 kgs, concedes that she prefers being totally subject to her beau Sid.                                

Sid, a 25-year-old stockroom laborer, plays his part as Monica's overseer so genuinely that he gets ready suppers for her as well as utilizations a channel to nourish her extraordinary weight-pick up shakes produced using mixed Pop Tarts when she is excessively drained, making it impossible to eat. Shockingly, the couple additionally say that they consider the possibility of her gigantic size sexually exciting. 

"In the event that I set down after a major supper he needs to help me move over on the grounds that my paunch is too full for me to move – it's a major turn-on for the two of us," she told media. Her definitive arrangement is to achieve 1,000lbs and get to be stationary. "I would feel like a ruler in light of the fact that Sid would attend to me in every way under the sun and he's amped up for it as well," she includes. 

Monica's normal every day diet incorporates six American scones, hotdogs in bread rolls, a major dish of sugary oat, two weight-pick up shakes, four McChicken sandwiches, four twofold cheeseburgers, vast French fries, 30 chicken tenders, macroni cheddar, Taco Bell takeways and a gallon of dessert.