Boyfriend drops two giant PYTHONS on sleeping girlfriend


This guy who did a very cruel prank with his girlfriend would surely be the ebst contender for World’s worst boyfriend..

The prankster recorded the minute he woke his better half up in bed – by tossing two snakes on top of her.

YouTube client Derek Deso coordinated the trick with companions who got the awful shock on camera.

Deso is seen holding a cardboard box and tipping two pythons out on to his napping sweetheart.

They start crawl over her legs however she takes a short time to wake up.

Baby, don’t move. There’re two ginormous pythons on your butt!” Derek says.

She starts shouting and requesting them to expel the snakes, not able to move as they crawl over her body.

“Get them off me!” she shouts, louder and louder in trouble as everybody chuckles at her.

The lady is unmistakably panicked, as she keeps on shouting after the animals have been peeled from her body.

She shows up exhausted as Deso tries to come over and converse with her – however she immovably rejects him.

The video has been seen more than 675,000 times on Youtube however has isolated users with some expression it was pitiless.

Watch the video here: