Boy was accused of bursting into a neighbor’s home, stabbing a couple and their little girl


WILKES-BARRE: A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy was accused of bursting into a neighbor's home and wounding a wedded couple and their youngster little girl, killing the spouse, in an assault whose rationale stayed hazy Tuesday.

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Zachary Hockenberry was charged as a grown-up and imprisoned without safeguard taking after the assault Sunday at a home in Kingston Township, close Wilkes-Barre.

Police said Bobbi Jo Sinoracki was vacuuming when she had a feeling that she was being punched in the back. Sinoracki pivoted, saw Hockenberry holding a blade and acknowledged she had been cut, by archives.

Police said Hockenberry then wounded David Sinoracki in the mid-section. Listening to her mom's shouts, the couple's 17-year-old little girl kept running into the lounge room, took a stab at helping her mom and was likewise cut in the mid-section.

Hockenberry's dad ended up in the home and limited his child in a seat until police arrived, Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said Tuesday.

Powers said they don't realize what impelled the assault. Kingston Township Police Chief Michael Moravec said Hockenberry had no obvious history with the family.

"Truth be told, we're at a misfortune in the matter of what precisely the intention will be, at last, with this kid," Moravec said Tuesday.

Blunt Nocito, the suspect's legal counselor, said he will attempt to delay Hockenberry's preparatory hearing, however he generally declined to remark.

David Sinoracki passed on at a clinic. Bobbi Jo Sinoracki was conceded with various cut injuries yet is relied upon to recoup. Their little girl was dealt with and discharged.

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