Boy attempted suicide after shooting a girl :Goa


PANAJI: A 19-year-old kid supposedly shot a high school young lady dead before endeavoring suicide by turning the firearm on himself close Ponda town in Goa, police said today. 

Nikhil Kumar, who is from Jharkhand and is as of now living in Loutolim town, shot Sujata Naik (19) dead and after that attempted to confer suicide by shooting himself in the stomach on Thursday evening at the young lady's home in Madkai town, Ponda police said. 

Nikhil Kumar went into the young lady's home when her dad was out of the house. The young person was conveying his dad's pistol, who fills in as a security watch in a privately owned business. 

Subsequent to shooting the young lady twice, the kid then turned the firearm on to himself and pulled the trigger, police said. 

The young lady, who kicked the bucket on the spot, was seeking after a graduate course from an administration school at Khandola, around 20 km from Ponda town. 

The kid has been admitted to Goa Medical College and Hospital close Panaji, police said, before adding that they are yet to discover the thought process behind the murdering.