Bombay High Court summons senior government officials on September 21 to overcrowding jails


MUMBAI: Voicing worry over congestion in Maharashtra correctional facilites and different matters concerning detainees, the Bombay High Court has coordinated Joint Secretary (Home) and other senior government authorities to stay present in court on September 21 to address the issue. 

"We coordinate Joint Secretary (Home), Government of Maharashtra, and other senior officers worried with the issue to stay present on the following date, i.e September 21 for bearings," a seat of judges Naresh Patil and Prakash Naik said in a late request. 

The court was listening to a request recorded by Shaikh Abdul Naeem, who raised different issues concerning the criminal organization framework. 

The issues raised by him included handling the issue of congestion in different correctional facilites of Maharashtra and task of escort officers/constables for delivering detainees under the watchful eye of the court for different purposes. 

The high court looked for information with respect to postpone in serving summons and notification to charged and witnesses in criminal cases by police. It likewise looked for information with respect to postpone in directing trials because of need of administration of summons on arraignment witnesses by police. 

The seat further needed to know in what number of criminal cases trials had been deferred because of need of administration of summons in the state. 

Seeing the matter truly, the judges coordinated the direction showing up for the high court, SR Nargolkar, to look for guidelines freely from the separate Principal District Judges in the condition of Maharashtra. 

Throughout listening to, the seat heard different issues concerning the Criminal Administration framework furthermore examined the administration determination, fliers, correspondences issued every once in a while by the high court on such viewpoints. 

"We have heard Amicus Curiae Niteen Pradhan on specific proposals. We have likewise mulled over the entries progressed by the scholarly open prosecutor M Deshmukh. We need the prosecutor and the High Court advice to take directions from the powers and make entries comprehensively on these issues on the following date," the judges said.