‘Bomb threat note’ found on New Zealand Airport, police evacuated airport


WELLINGTON: Airline passengers were forced to evacuate after a note containing a 'bomb threat' was found on board of a Qantas plane in New Zealand. A note discovered by a cleaner on a Qantas plane triggered a bomb scare. A threatening message was found written on a note, indicating that a bomb was on the plane after it had landed in New Zealand's South Island from Sydney, Fairfax Media reports.

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Emergency services immediately evacuated the airport after the cleaner alerted authorities about 3pm local time. 'Nothing of interest has been found and the airport is now being reopened and will resume normal operations,' New Zealand Police has confirmed in a statement. 'Police ask people to be patient as there will be delays as people are moved back into the terminal.

The bomb scare comes after the airport terminal was evacuated following reports of a note suggesting an explosive found on board. 'The fire alarm went off in the airport while we were standing in the customs area,' Daily Mail Australia reporter Louise Cheer, who was one of the passengers, said. 'Then they evacuated us from the airport and we had to wait outside on the tarmac for about 20 minutes. Then they moved us on to our Air NZ flight.' Police are continuing to investigate this incident.

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