Bomb Threat In Delhi’s Khan Market, Investigation On


Delhi Cops went into a panic on Friday morning after an unknown caller asserted there was a bomb at Khan Market area.

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The search operation for bomb is in process by the cop teams. It lasted for two hours in the morning and the call had not been stated a ruse.

A cop officer from the Tughlaq Road police station affirmed that they got a call at 6.50 am in the morning and added, “A male voice from the other end stated a bomb has been setup in Khan Market and hung up immediately after,” the officer said.

After the call, the bomb disposal team immediately rushed to the spot. Wuickly, sniffer dogs also arrived at the market to seek out attempts. As per cops, Khan Market’s areas have been investigated and the business man as well as staff members of the Khan Market Metro station have been cautioned about the danger.

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He asserted that the police officers called back on the same number but it was recovered to be off. The accused has not been found yet.