Bolivian Dy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes killed by miners


Moises Flores has conveyed that, Bolivian Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes, who was held prisoner by striking mineworkers, passed on late on Thursday, the chief of Fedcomin radio. "We went to the site where Deputy Minister Illanes was and we discovered him dead.

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We are extremely stunned, we are running a danger on the grounds that the diggers are incensed," Efe news office cited Flores as saying. Flores told Erbol Radio by phone from Panduro, somewhere in the range of 180 kilometers from La Paz, where conflicts emitted amongst excavators and police.

Illanes was taken prisoner by excavators as he attempted to induce them to end detours and he had said before on Thursday that powers need to set up a discourse with the dissidents. "I am being held by the companions, I have not got any abuse," Illanes has told a correspondent before. "I am healthy, given my family a chance to be consoled.

I am sitting in a spot watched by the companions so individuals don't hurt me," he said. Illanes talked from Panduro, where he voyaged at an opportune time Thursday with the trust of persuading the mineworkers to clear the detours and enter converses with the administration of President Evo Morales. Rather, the diggers took the agent clergyman prisoner.

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