Body Found floating in Pond Near Amber Fort


Jaipur  A dead body of a unidentified man was recovered floating in the pond near the Amber Fort on Sunday by the police. According to the police official the age of the man is believed to be around 28 years, the dead body was spotted floating in the pond by the nearby people.

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“At 6 am some people who had come to the fort called us and said that a body was seen floating there. We sent a police team along with an ambulance and members of the civil defence team,” said a police official.

The civil defence team got the body out of the pond and sent it to SMS Medical College. The police officials said “We have kept the body at SMS Medical College mortuary as we are yet to establish his identity. There are some tattoos on his body. He was wearing a T-shirt and pajamas, which hints that either he was a tourist or a local.”  “It could be that he had come here a few days ago and drowned in the pond,” police further added.

The police reported they have not found any wallet or any documents near the body which could help them in identifying the body but they have taken the pictures of the tattoos on the body to establish his identity.

“There are some letters that the deceased had got tattooed on his body, it could be of some place or clan. Based on that we will search for his relatives,” the cops said.

According to the locals the youth was not seen by anyone anywhere near the pond, and only the body was spotted floating over the pond.

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