Bodies found in a melting Swiss Glacier could solve a Mystery from 1942


A week ago, a picturesque Swiss landscape was interrupted by a grisly sight. A worker stumbled across boots, bottles and clothing from the ice – and, going with them, two bodies that police are estimating had been buried there for a decades.

The bodies were discovered Friday on the Tsanfleuron glacier in Switzerland at an altitude of around 8,500 feet.

Police said in an announcement that the two were probably victims of a mischance that happened “several decades ago.” Backpack, books, watches likewise were recovered at the site and have been sent for forensic analyses.

A worker for a cable car and ski-lift organization, Glacier 3000, found the pair,  one of the leading media house detailed. The site is not a long way from the Les Diablerets town and ski resort.

“Cantonal police have not affirmed the formal identity of the people who were discovered because DNA tests have not concluded yet,” said Stephane Vouardoux, a representative for the Valais cantonal police, which is handling the case.

Local media estimated that they are Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin, who disappeared in 1942 going to tend to their cows. They left behind seven children.

One of a paper in Lausanne, Switzerland, addressed one of the couple’s youngsters , Marceline Udry-Dumoulin. She is 79 and seemed sure that the bodies were those of her parents. “We spent our lives searching for them,” she said.

If the bodies are indeed those of the Dumoulins, it would give their family closure.

“Mom and Dad will finally have their burial,” Udry-Dumoulin disclosed to media.