BMTC will soon come with new system to spot bus breakdowns, says H M Revanna


Bengaluru: Transport Minister H.M. Revanna conveyed by assuring that the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will soon come with new system to instantly spot bus breakdowns, following BMTC on Wednesday countenance humiliation as Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah come across two Volvo bus breakdowns throughout his city inspection.

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On Thursday he further conveyed that initially buses not stopping. For this 3,000 new buses will change old. We are launching new system where the control room in the head office, will track the BMTC buses. In case of any breakdown, they will immediately send another.

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He elucidated that the Volvo transport which Siddaramaiah boarded first was old and the aeration and cooling system was not viable.

The second Volvo however was new and the BMTC authorities are endeavoring to make sense of what turned out badly, the Minister included. He further conveyed that give us time and we will discover the issue and correct it.

The BMTC is developing new terminals at BTM Layout (Rs 67.12 crore), Kalasipalya (Rs 60 crore), Kengeri Upanagara (Rs 8.68 crore), Hoskote (Rs 20 crore) and MES Palya Singapura Layout (Rs 2 crore).

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