Blueberries help to fight Age


New Delhi: A recent research has revealed that, overwhelming blueberries can help in reverting age, improving vision and memory. Shuyang Qu, Doctoral Student at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in the UShas also conveyed in a statement that, consumption of blueberries can also curb risks of mounting cancer as well as decrease the chances of heart diseases. Former research have established that, blueberries were rich in healthy anti-oxidant substances, which could help protect from Alzheimer’s — an ever more common form of dementia — effects such as turn down in cognitive skills and memory.

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 The investigators wanted to conclude the customer knowledge regarding blueberry health benefits and if there is an information gap with blueberry health benefits among demographic groups. They established that the low-income populations tend to know less about blueberry health benefits than the high-income groups. The researchers surveyed more than 2,000 people, over 31 states in the US — mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest — to see how well the consumers knowledgeable were about the health advantage of blueberries.

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