Blood Soaked Zombies spotted, sparks Police alert


A concerned driver called the cops early in the morning after believing that what he has seen was a man assaulting and biting a woman on the M62 between Manchester and Liverpool, in northern England, on Sunday evening.

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Officers quickly tracked the car down close to junction 11 near Birchwood, but when they pulled it over, were surprised to find a man and a woman in zombie make-up.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: “We got a call to reports of a man biting a woman on the M62 at junction 11 and being assaulted.

“Officers were sent out to search for the vehicle as it is a serious incident.

“But when they found the car in question, they saw they were covered in fake blood.

“Thankfully the man and woman were extras on their way to a job and it was a funny ending really.”

Officers let the couple go on their way, but not before asking them to pose for a photo. It’s not known which television show or movie the duo was working on.

North West Motorway Police tweeted: “Report of female being assaulted on M62, vehicle stopped pair of extras making to a job – posing as Zombies – takes all sorts.”

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