Blood Pond Hot Spring, Beppu Japan


Blood pool spa (Blood Pond Hot Spring) is famous in Japan Beppu, “hell” (Japanese for the jigoku, refers to 18 layers of hell) Hot Springs.  The sight makes the people come here especially enjoyed, but forget the bathing place here.  Not difficult to find it from the map of curiosity in the blood that is glowing red spring, as if imagined scenes of hell, which all benefit from the water-rich red elements.

Tateyama, Japan blood pool spa city of North House, “hell” as one of nine natural hot springs (the Japanese in the jigoku, 18 layers of hell), but not so much the nine people bathing pond is used, should be for people to appreciate. Why is this?  Tateyama blood pool spa, the reason for the “blood pool” because of its 11 pool hot, blood-red water is known.

Blood pool Spa – Origin

 Hell is on the hot springs in Japan called the ancient, Beppu City, Hot Springs Village, in order to highlight its long history, this title is expressly reserved, and selected the eight most distinctive hot springs, forming a “Beppu Hell Tour.”

Why the ancient Japanese hot springs is called hell? Hell this is the Buddhist term, symbolizes the suffering of the world.  After the area after the eruption, sulfur Man Shan, the smoky tavern, hot gas into the rocks are of clay, radius of several kilometers are barren, inhospitable.  The Japanese see this barren landscape, not help create fear and not dare to close.  Think of the Buddhist hell depicted scenario, put these places called “Hell Strip”, and formed one by one “hot pond”, it is called “hell” of.  Hakone region of Japan as Tai Chung valley, small Chung Valley, the ancient hell called big and small hell, even the names have to match the surrounding area known as Enma Taiwan, hell Ze.  Until 1873 when Emperor Meiji out parade, the local people feel let Emperor “hell” a little bit unlucky, just change the name.