‘To Block the Evil Eye’ Farmer installed Sunny Leone Poster in His Farm!

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A farmer in Andhra Pradesh  has come up with an innovative yet Weird idea to block the “evil eye” of other villagers on his farm.

The Farmer had installed  a poster of Bollywood actor Sunny Leone in his farm to block negativity…isn’t this weird! In the particular poster, Sunny strikes a sultry pose in a red bikini against the green backdrop of the farms in Nellore district.

Padmaavat is still going strong at the Box Office!

Though the 45-year-old farmer is not a fan of Sunny but her poster is keeping his crop safe from the “evil eye” of fellow villagers as all the attention is being grabbed by the poster only and no one looks to his lush green fields.

As per the sources the farmer stated that “This year, I have a good crop on 10 acres. This has attracted unnecessary attention of villagers and passersby. To deflect their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster of Sunny Leone a couple of days ago.”

There is a line written in Regional Language on the particular poster, it reads like :Orey, nannu chusi edavakura (Hey, don’t cry or feel jealous of me)!”

OMG! Here woman are burnt alive just for this reason..

The strategy gas seemed to have worked for Reddy. “The trick has worked. Nobody is looking at my crop now,” the farmer said.

Interestingly, farmers generally use straw-filled scarecrows with an upside down clay pitcher as a face to it for scaring birds away and to keep the negative energy away.

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