Blast wounds 10 at Russian supermarket


Nearly 10 people were wounded in a bomb blast that took place at a supermarket in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. As per Investigative Committee, the accused used a tool comprising of 200 grams of bomb to attack people.

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Till now, nobody has been declared responsible for the attack that took place at Perekrestok supermarket chain in St. Petersburg northwest Kalininsky district.

Head of Investigative Committee, Alexander Klaus affirmed nearly 10 people were wounded in the attack.

A probe has been started by the team. Native of St. Petersburg, Viktoria Gordeyeva asserted people were frightened to go into other stores located in Kalininsky district.

“There was no terror, but individuals were disinclined to reach to the close drug store and a grocery store,” Gordeyeva stated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called up U.S. President Donald Trump prior December to express gratitude to him for a CIA tip that supported prevent from a series of bomb blasts in St. Petersburg prior December. As per Federal Security Service, at least seven culprits connected to the Islamic State group were detained for planning of attack.

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The reports stated that the accused had decided to attack St. Petersburg’s Kazan Cathedral and other jam-packed areas.