Blackcurrant Sheer Khorma




2 Tbsp of butter                                          

1/4 cup of vermicelli(seviyan)               

1/2 cup of sugar                                           

3 cups of milk                                               

2 Tbsp of raisins(kismish)                                

2 Tbsp of dates(khajur)                                 

1 tsp of chirongi nuts(charoli)                    

1/2 tsp cardamom(elaichi) powder    

2 Tbsp of rose water                                   

1/4 cup blackcurrant                               

A pinch of cardamom powder



1.    Heat the butter in a deep pan, add the vermicelli and cook till it turns golden brown.

2.    Add the sugar and milk and cook till the sugar dissolves.

3.    Add the dry fruits and raisins, mix well and allow it to simmer for 3 to 4 minutes.

4.    Add the fresh dates, charoli, cardamom powder and rose water and simmer for another 1      to 2 minutes. If the sheer korma is too thick, add a little hot water and mix gently.

5.    Remove from the flame and serve hot or cold garnished with cardamom powder.

6.    Add blackcurrant and mix it well. 


Key Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Milk, Vermicelli, Rose Water, Dates, Raisins, Currant