Black Gulaab Jamun Recipe


Ingredients :-

Mawa – 250 gms
Chhena – 75 g
Flour – 50g
Semolina – 1 teaspoon
Food Color – 1 Pinch
Sugar – 700g
Cardamom powder – a pinch
Baking Powder – A Pinch
Saffron – slightly strand
Pistachios – 15 grams
Almond – 20 grams
Coconut shell-two teaspoons

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Method :-

Mix sugar and milk in water and make syrup. Mix Mawa and Chhena in a bowl, put cardamom powder, semolina, baking powder and flour in one side and keep it aside. Put a little food color in it and mix all the things well.

Image result for Black Gulab Jamun RecipeNow take about 100 grams of mixer from it and make tall sized rose berries. Fill almonds, pistachios nuts in between

Pour oil in a pan and fry the black berries on a low flame till golden brown, remove them and put it in sugar syrup and let it cool down.

Cut them into round shapes and serve it with coconut powder, saffron and almond slice.

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