BJP President Vijay Rupani becomes Gujarat’s new Chief Minister


After a meeting of top leaders to name a successor to active Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel, the BJP on Friday named party president Amit Shah’s protégé and first time MLA Vijay Rupani as Chief Minister while Nitin Patel, sponsored by Ms. Patel, was named his representative. The meeting, held before the governing body party meeting, allegedly saw warmed contentions between Mr. Shah and Ms. Patel on the issue of the Patidar unsettling and the determination of the new CM.

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“Anandiben verging on separated saying the Patidar fomentation was inside built to remove her. This incited Mr. Shah to answer that he had no part to play however now he would settle on the following Chief Minister and he specified Mr. Rupani’s name,” conveyed a top source near Ms. Patel.  The source conveyed “Ms. Patel demanded that as concurred before, the gathering ought to pass by rank and select Nitin Patel in light of the fact that Mr. Rupani is a first-time MLA and needs authoritative experience.” “Ms. Patel even supposedly undermined to leave the meeting midway yet Mr. Shah did not move from his support to Mr. Rupani,” a senior gathering pioneer. As the contentions kept, sorting out secretary V. Satish ventured out and supposedly called the Prime Minister to brief him of the circumstance. “Amitbhai was not in a temperament to surrender,” conveyed a senior pastor present at the meeting.

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In the interim, an evidently agitated Nitin Patel, who had even conveyed desserts in the morning and gave media interviews starting festival by his supporters in his voting demographic Mehsana. “God recognizes what happened,” when inquired as to why he missed out in the race ultimately. The meeting endured just about 45 minutes lastly in the governing body party meeting, Mr. Rupani’s name was supported while Mr. Patel was affirmed as Deputy Chief Minister, denoting a first for the BJP in Gujarat. Following a postponement of a few hours, focal spectator Nitin Gadkari informed the media within the sight of Ms. Patel, Mr. Rupani and Mr. Patel while Mr. Shah skirted the instructions and Ms. Patel declined to talk amid the cooperation. “We have collectively chosen Vijay Rupani and Nitin Patel as Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister individually,” Mr. Gadkari conveyed, declining to clarify why Mr. Patel, who was verging on affirmed and had even given media meetings, was disregarded finally.

“Here, the gathering MLAs, pioneers and others have taken a choice on Mr. Rupani and Mr. Patel in a vote based way,” he included. In the interim, Patidar pioneers, who had encouraged behind Mr. Patel, are clearly angry with the BJP high charge’s choice to drop Mr. Patel at last. “Nitin Patel ought to quickly leave from the gathering,” Patidar disturbance pioneer Hardik Patel conveyed. The new Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers will be confirmed on Sunday at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.