BJP Kannur Mandal Vice President Sushil attacked in Kerala


Kerala: BJP’s Kannur Mandal Vice President Sushil was brutally attacked on Wednesday in Olachery Kavu area of Kerala.

After the incident, he was taken to the hospital for the treatment. The doctors revealed that his condition is better now than before.

The similar incidents also happened earlier in Kerala’s Kannur district due to which BJP and the CPI-M lost several of their members.

The speculations made by Bhartiya Janata Party suggested that the attack was carried out by CPI (M) members.

On the other hand, the CPM refused the allegation and stated that it was effect of argument inside the BJP.

After May 2016 assembly elections, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) came to the power in southern state.

Vijayan has blamed the RSS for intentionally attempting to make distress in Kannur locale, which has been damaged by political brutality in the current months.