BJP hammering CONGRESS over Agusta Westland Deal issue



NEW DELHI. There was a brawl on Wednesday Morning in parliament on Agusta Westland VVIP helicopter deal issue where Subramanian Swamy attempted to drag their party President Sonia Gandhi's name in the helicopter bribery scam. Sonia Gandhi has dared the government to complete the enquiry initiated by her party on which Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told Parliament that the probe was “in an advanced stage” and that the “bribe takers” must be identified.

"I am not afraid of anyone cornering me…All the accusations they are throwing at us are false, baseless," Sonia told reporters in the Parliament House, asking for proof and accusing the government of lying. “They are lying. This is part of a strategy of character assassination which we have known these people indulge in,” she said. “The [BJP] government is there for the last 2 years. What are they doing? Inquiry is there, why don’t they complete it? Complete it as soon as possible, impartially.”

Her political secretary Ahmed Patel said: "We unequivocally reject their allegations on Agusta. We shall go all out to expose their hollow claims." He further said: "Fact is, once again BJP makes a poor attempt to spin a web of deceit."

Congress' main worry is that the 225-page judgment of the appeal court in Milan (Italy) has recorded middleman Guido Ralph Haschke, identifying their leaders. The court has also got some written admission done by the bribe giver at the time when the conspiracy was being executed. “The relevance of those admissions has to be examined by investigative agencies” said Mr. Jaitley.

He categorically denied that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in his New York’s tour in September 2015, or any deal on the return of two Italian marines under trial in India for the killing of Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala.

The government also denied that the company, AgustaWestland and Finmeccanica had been removed from a government blacklist.