BJP file case against Kejriwal government for number plate scam


New Delhi: BJP has filed a complaint accusing Arvind Kejriwal government of indulging in corruption in High Security number plate scam worth Rs 300 crore. In a written letter to Anti Corruption Branch chief Mukesh Meena, BJP has asked for immediate action and lodging of an FIR so that a further loss to the public can be stopped.

“The average notified price in Delhi for high security number plates is Rs 119, but the vehicle owners are being charged Rs 1200, as found by a committee formed by the state government,” BJP national secretary R.P. Singh said.

“In Delhi approximately two lakh vehicles are registered on monthly basis and this way during the 15 months of AAP government the number of registered vehicles should be around 30 lakh. Multiplying this figure with Rs 1,200 amounts to a scam of approximately Rs 300 crore,” he said.

He alleged that the city’s Aam Aadmi Party government was giving the company that currently has the contract for providing the high security number plates a long rope “in guise of arbitration” instead of terminating the contract.

He said that the Madhya Pradesh government had terminated the contract of the same company in October 2014 for similar irregularities as being seen in Delhi.