Bizzare Things : Weird Fashion Trends!!


Sometimes we love to attempt strange things in our life as a part of beauty. if we talk specially about women, they woke up early morning and flaunt her figure, looks in the mirrors.

Women's wears totally different clothes sometimes to look beautiful and to maintain standard of beauty. 

1. Socks With Sandals

Antiquated Rome presented to us the most exasperating design of all: socks with shoes. In spite of the taboos of present day life, our prior predecessors went out intensely and gladly wearing open-toe shoes with socks underneath.

This isn't something we adapted effectively. It took years of work by numerous groups of archeologists and students of history, all devoted toward at last deciding the sort of footwear mixes that the Romans utilized. Presently we at last have "unequivocal proof" that they wore socks with shoes.

The socks were weaved from fleece and went as far as possible up to the knee. At that point the Romans would join the look with open-toe shoes. Clearly, wearing shoes without socks is a generally new wonder.

2. Wearing One High Heel With One Low Heel

Alexandra of Denmark was an innovator. She was the ruler's lady of the hour, and each look she wore was replicated the nation over. On the off chance that she put on another dress or frill, ladies of the world hurried to stores to get it. When she contracted rheumatic fever and was left with a weakening limp, they duplicated her once more.

At to start with, ladies just experienced their own closets and discovered two bungled shoes. They needed to falter around with similar awkwardness that made the ruler's lady of the hour so popular. Stores, however, soon got on, and they began offering "Alexandra Limp" shoes with one high heel and one short heel.

Ladies strolled the boulevards with befuddled shoes, conveying a stick and playing up the ponderousness of their means. They realized that nothing said magnificence very like a lady who experienced difficulty staying upright.

3. Darkening Your Teeth

As of not long ago, ladies in Japan took dentistry in an alternate course. They concurred that tooth rot was one of the best watches out there. So if a lady's teeth weren't dropping out all alone, she'd paint them dark.

Japanese ladies have been darkening their teeth for so long that we aren't certain when or why they began doing it. At any rate, by about AD 900, ladies were painting their teeth dark. Not long after, men began doing it, as well.

The Japanese blended high temp water, purpose, and intensely hot iron in a pot and let it sit for five days. A dark rubbish would ascend to the top, which they would rub off and rub on their teeth.

In the long run, the watch left design. In 1870, it was banned altogether, however that was almost 1,000 years after it began. Japanese individuals spent the better part of a thousand years attempting to look great by mirroring tooth rot.

4. High Heels That Were 0.6 Meters (2 Ft) Tall

In the Middle Ages, Florence was the style capital of the world. There, the women hauled out each stop to ensure that they looked great. No pattern, however, contrasted with the respect and excellence of wearing chopines, stage shoes with huge wooden heels that were now and again more than 0.6 meters (2 ft) tall.

The look turned out to be popular to the point that it spread to men, as well. Since individuals were basically strolling on stilts, getting around was quite hard. Be that as it may, Florence's fashionistas managed by limping with sticks.

The vast majority outside of Florence imagined that the look was crazy. Some even called it "shamefully vain." The congregation, however, begrudgingly acknowledged it. In any event, they acknowledged that wearing chopines kept ladies from moving—and that, all things considered, was the most exceedingly terrible sin of all.

5. Sticking A Unibrow On Your Head

In antiquated Greece, there was nothing more unattractive than a lady with two unmistakably isolated eyebrows on her head. On the off chance that a lady needed to ooze complexity and magnificence, she required a long, dark, caterpillar-like line of hair extending over her temples.

As indicated by old Greeks, unibrows were the sexiest frill that a lady could wear. Ladies touched dark powder on the hair between their eyebrows to make it emerge and look as full as would be prudent.

On the off chance that a young lady was sufficiently unfortunate to be conceived with no hair between her eyes, she would manage. Some would rub dark ash between their foreheads. Others colored goat hair dark, spotted some tree pitch on the back, and joined it to their heads.

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