Why bitter gourd leaves are beneficial for you?


Are you aware about the benefits of Bitter Gourd? No, then let me tell you. Most of the people don’t like to have bitter gourd because of its bitter taste but it must be consumed twice or thrice in a week as it involves lot of health benefits. It includes several medicinal properties that work well on body. It contains iron, magnesium, vitamin, potassium, vitamin C in great amount.  Not only bitter gourd but its leaves are also very beneficial for health. It comes in light green and long shape. Today, we are telling you about the benefits of bitter gourd leaves. Check out:

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Bitter gourd leaves contain Vicin and Polypeptide P in great amount which helps to control blood sugar levels.

Regular consumption of Bitter Gourd helps to keep the sugar levels in control.

If you regularly eat bitter gourd leaves, it reduces the risk of cancer.

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Its leaves contain abundant anti-microbial properties that work to remove body bacteria, fungal, or virus infections.