Bird shows kitten who’s the boss, hilarious video gone massively viral on social media


A hilarious video of a cockatoo bullying a kitten into a box (or playing look a-boo with it, we give it the benefit of doubt) has gone massively viral on social media. Shared by Masaki Tada of Japan on Twitter and Instagram, the video demonstrates a white cockatoo opening a box to find a kitten inside it. However, when the tiny kitten reaches out for the cockatoo, it steps the back and close the box on it. The video has turned into a web sensation with many giving it hilarious captions.

Watch it below:

As indicated by the BBC, the cockatoo is named Karin while the cat is called Kodome. They have been living together for the one month in Nagoya City in Japan with their owner.

While the orinigal video has been liked more than 22,000 times and retweeted more than 16,000 times, a version uploaded by 9GAG has gathered more than 12 million views in only three days on Facebook alone.