Bipasha Basu changed her name as “Bipasha Basu Grover” for her upcoming movies


The actress Bipasha Basu has recently got married with his boyfriend. She will be adding Karan Singh Grover’s last name to hers in her upcoming movies.

Bipasha Basu has already changed her name on her instagram account and she now handles it as @bipashasinghgrover. Her twitter account is same as her previous account “BipashaBasu.”

She stated, “I tried changing on twitter too it said that my name was too long and didn’t accept it. I am also changing my name for films to Bipasha Basu Singh Grover (laughs). It’s a full sentence and I love it”.

“I am not changing it in person. Just keeping my husband’s name with my family name. I love being married… Looking after my husband and home is cute,” she said.

After Bipasha Basu got married, she is learning to cook new dishes. She alleged “I am lazy about cooking. But between me and Karan, I think, he is a better cook as has he has studied in Hotel Management.”