Bikers may soon get airbag helmets for extra cover


WASHINGTON: Accidents while driving two-wheeler vehicles have increased a lot due to the negligence of safety while driving. Helmets worn at the time of driving two wheeler are safe but not full proof. Even after wearing helmets people get severe injuries. Therefore, an idea has been given to introduce airbags in the helmets.

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Drop tests from a height of two metres have shown, Airbag helmets may reduce impact of a crash by six fold compared to traditional bike helmets.

“Foam helmets can and have been proven to reduce the likelihood of skull fracture and severe brain injury,” said Stanford University bioengineer David Camarillo.

“But, many falsely believe that a bike helmet is there to protect against a concussion,” he said. Camarillo tested a new type of helmet,that comes in a soft pocket worn around the neck. It pops up, like an air bag, around a person’s head when it senses a potential collision.

Camarillo said that the large size of the airbag helmet, compared to foam bike helmets, was the likely source of its success. Being larger, it can also be softer, allowing for a more cushioned fall.

However, this cushioning also has a potential downside. In the testing, the airbag helmet was pre-inflated and the researchers maximised the pressure of the air inside the helmet before each drop in order to get these results.

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