Bikaner : A Perfect Place To Explore Haveli’s

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India’s largest state Rajasthan is popular for its historical places, huge forts, diverse cultures, attractive palaces, delicious cuisines etc. This place is famous for its red sands, pink cities, sunsets and blue houses. One of famous district of Rajasthan is Bikaner. Several tourists come to this place every year to see fasmous fort, palaces and to taste the flavor of delectable dishes. Earlier, it was popular as Jangal Desh. Let’s check out major tourist destinations of Bikaner:

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Junagarh Fort: –

Junagarh fort of Bikaner is famous for its architectural crafts, geographical location and art. There are five doors in it which are famous as Coat, Jasusar, Nathusar, Seetla and Goga and involves eight windows too.

Anup Mahal: –

Anoop palace is very beautiful mahal, it is a multi-storey building. When tourists come to roam here, they are amazed after seeing the artifacts made of gold leaves in this palace.

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Bikaneri Haveli:

Bikaneri Havelis are all popular over the world. It is a beautiful example of Bikaner’s special and famous architecture. Those native and foreign tourists who come to visit Bikaner do not forget to see these haveli’s.

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