Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, challenged in state high court


After the Patna high court struck down past alcohol boycott, the new Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016 was tested in the state high court on Monday.

As per a reports a PIL was documented in the court by applicant Rai Murari in such manner. Murari is a resigned Patna University teacher and has tested the “brutal” arrangements in the Act, including family and group disciplines.

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He has tested Section 30 of the new Act, which stipulates extreme discipline for ownership of a few nourishment things like mahua and gur (jaggery) or utensils, which can serve as intoxicants or utilized as a part of assembling alcohol.

As indicated by him, the stringent arrangements in the Act are “draconian” and “illegal”, as was seen by the HC in its September 30 request against the past Act.

Rai has expressed that the new Act encroaches the Right to Life and Right to Privacy as police or extract authorities can now go into anybody’s home without warrant and book even the individuals who are not specifically included in the offense.The new Act additionally reduces one’s entitlement to eat and drink in private, he said.

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