Bihar Police Drags Dead Body With Rope Tied Around Neck


Patna: In a shocking incident which would put the entire humanity to shame, police officers in Vaishali district of Bihar tied a corpse with his neck and dragged the dead body after it was spotted by the locals.

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His body dragged  over a thousand metres after pulling it out of river Ganga, according to a video uploaded online. The dead body was pulled out two hours after the police arrived at the scene.

However, in the absence of an ambulance, the policemen tied a noose around the man's neck and dragged him hundreds of metres from the riverbank to their vehicle.

The video clearly shows a large crowd watching as the cops dragged the body to their vehicle. After the video went viral, the top authorities suspended two policemen in connection with the case.

This is the second incident of the dead being treated callously by the police in Vaishali.

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