Bihar police arrests man who used to sell liquor in guise of woman


Patna police on Friday night arrested a man Avinash who used to smuggle and sell liquor to high profile customers in the capital in the guise of a woman. Acting on a tip off, police raided Avinash's office located in Mahendru area. 

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Accused Avinash alias Goldi, is a man with a penchant for running illegal rackets. But it was Avinash's unusual idea to dupe the police which ultimately resulted in the fabrication of a new character: Monica. To complete his attire, Avinash adorned saris, bindis, jewelleries and applied lipsticks to throw off anyone who would suspect him of being a man.

Avinash successfully ran a fake document racket. It was only after Patna SSP Manu Maharaj got a tip off from a person with Avinash's photo alleging that he was man disguised as a woman that the police reached Avinash's doorstep.

Not only that, when police arrested Avinash, things recovered from his residence pointed towards doubts about his sexuality. When asked about how he got the inspiration for running the racket under this disguise, he said that he was inspired by a man who was dressed up as a woman to offer prayers to Tirupati Balaji.

Avinash also has a fake Facebook where he operates and exchanges messages under the username Monica Kumari.

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