Bihar: Government failed in implementing prohibition, controlling crime says Sushil Modi


Previous Bihar deputy CM Sushil Modi has alleged the Bihar administration following the National Crime Record Bureau released information for the year 2015. He has conveyed that the figures of the NCRB have uncovered the state administration’s failure in controlling crime.

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PM Modi conveyed the state administration was triumphing at the moment as Bihar stands 22nd, much under other BJP ruled states as far as crime is concerned but pointed out that the state ranked two as far murders are anxious and number one in riots in the nation. The BJP organizer supposed that in the year 2015, Bihar ranked first in cases of riots with 13,311 incidents, subsequent in cases of murder with 3,178 killings.

 Bihar also stood second in dowry deaths with 1,154 occurrences and third in caste riots with 258 incidents taking place previous year. With 1,609 kidnapping in 2015, the state ranked fourth in the nation. Modi lambasted the state for failing to inflict prohibition in a strict manner.

 He conveyed that though more than 14,000 persons have been detained in previous five months for violating prohibition. He conveyed that huge recovery of liquor from various parts of the state on a daily basis highlighted that there was enormous smuggling of liquor taking place in the state and the state has failed to put a stop on this. PM Modi has also further conveyed that, despite prohibition imposed in the state, crime has augmented in the month of June.

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