Bigg Boss 10 November 19 highlights


Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan of Bigg Boss season 10’s fourth week was worth a watch. Salman khan, who dependably had a stern remain against whatever happened in the house, went to bat for Mona Lisa and different women in the house who, occasionally were a casualty to Swami Om’s misanthropic remarks. Nonetheless, aside from that he additionally addressed why no one from the superstars, with the exception of Lopamudra Raut, stood firm to quiets Swami down. To include a touch of amusement, Salman welcomed Naagin 2 on-screen character Mouni Roy in front of an audience, who advanced her up and coming film Tum Bin 2.

Salman was greatly shocked to see Rahul Dev having no conclusion at all amid the whole scene of Swami remarking on Mona Lisa and Manoj Punjabi’s relationship in the house. Likewise, he provoked Rohan Mehra, who looked minimum keen on the discussion lead by the Sultan actor, which sort of chafed him. Truth be told, Salman likewise made Swami comprehend that the length of garments don’t choose anybody’s character, and him remarking on such negligible issue characterizes his mentality.

Swami Om attempted to determine the issue by shouting so everyone can hear. In any case, Salman said he realizes that Swami puts forth such expressions completely mindful and after that later tries to cover them up by shedding tears. He lets him know that gatherings of people aren’t imbecilic to not comprehend his purported amusement.

Rohan Mehra looked a bit enraged with Salman, who additionally remarked over Rohan’s captaincy and how his whole connivance of changing beds was a move to inconvenience a couple housemates he doesn’t care for.

As reported, for this present week two contenders will be expelled from the house. Furthermore, yesterday, Karan Mehra left the show. He was the primary VIP to get disposed of from the amusement as such.